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Spec Grip is a micronized polymeric powder which can be added to acrylic or "film forming" water and solvent based concrete sealers to improve slip resistance and traction. Spec Grip is of low density, lightweight composition which helps eliminate settling in low viscosity (thin) sealers or stains. Spec Grip has a round spherical shape which provides optimum abrasion resistance, gloss control, and is less abrasive when compared to silica based texturizing agents. Typical applications include patios, pool surrounds, sidewalks, porches, walkways, inclines, or garage floors.


  • Provides abrasion resistance and texture to various film forming sealers and stains.
  • The spherical shape allows easy cleaning of the surface.
  • Spec Grip provides a softer feel to bare feet versus silica sand or abrasives, will not increase the viscosity (thickness) of the applied sealer and will not yellow.

COVERAGE / MIXING: Add one 16 ounce container (0.2 lb net) of Spec Grip into one gallon of sealer, or add one 32 ounce container (1.0 lb net) of Spec Grip into a five gallon pail of sealer. For jobs requiring increased traction, additional Spec Grip can be added up to 0.80 lb net maximum if higher levels of slip resistance are required. Small test applications should be made on questionable substrates to check visual aesthetics and degree of slip resistance provided. Spec Grip may float initially, but will wet out and mix in easily with light agitation. During application, occasional mixing is recommended to keep all the particles suspended evenly in the solution.


For addition to 1 gallon sealer: Use one 16 ounce bottle containing 0.2 lb net wt (packaged 12 per case)

For addition to 5 gallon sealer: Use one 32 ounce bottle containing 1.0 lb net wt (packaged 6 per case)


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