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U-Mix® 202 Injection Resin is a single component, hydrophilic, low viscosity polyurethane resin used for sealing water leaks through cracks in concrete structures. U-Mix® 202 Injection Resin reacts with water and will vary in consistency from either resilient, rubber-like foam to a flexible gel. This reaction produces a grout capable of absorbing water up to 800% of its own mass which then deflects any excessive water away from penetrating into the treated structure. This unique feature allows U-Mix® 202 Injection Resin to be used for situations involving large water inflow applications, specifically manhole joints. Typical application uses include municipal and utility facilities for repair of precast manhole joints, brick manholes, or sewer pipes, as well as pedestrian and automotive tunnels, concrete dams or powerhouse galleys for curtain injection repairs or gel encapsulation needs.


  • Tested and certified by WQA per NSF/ANSI-61 for use in areas requiring potable water contact.
  • Single cartridge allows for application by regular caulk gun with a twist on application nozzle (no separate static mixing nozzle needed).
  • Single cartridge size is ideal for small size crack repairs where pump injection is not practical.
  • Contains no solvents, non corrosive, non toxic formulation.

SHIPPING NAMES: CAS# MIXTURE, Isocyanate prepolymer

SHIPPING CLASS: ITEM 43940, SUB 2, LTL 65 Urethane Foam - Single component 

AVAILABLE IN: 10 ounces single cartridges, 12 cartridges / case, 5 gallon pails optional

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