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Lightening HD

Solvent-based, LEEDS qualifying, paint, tar, rubber and coating remover for acrylic or thermoset coatings from concrete and masonry surfaces.


LIGHTENING HD (HEAVY DUTY) is a solvent-based cleaning and stripping solution formulated to remove paint, coatings, stains, tar, bitumen, chewing gum, and related deposits from concrete and hardscape surfaces. LIGHTENING HD exhibits high solvency along with slow evaporation allowing stripping of large surfaces easily, even in hot temperatures. LIGHTENING HD is modified with rheology additives for a controlled, thickened viscosity that exhibits improved wetting on graded surfaces without run down or drips. LIGHTENING HD can be used interior or exterior for general clean up or stain removal prior to acid etching or mechanical surface preparations. Typical uses include garages, patios, repair shops, driveways, and walkways.


  • Powerful composition that dissolves and removes paints and coatings without damaging or etching concrete base.
  • High solvency additionally speeds removal of tar and gum.
  • Dissolves slowly for easy rinsing in hot conditions.
  • Can also be used as a Graffiti (paint) remover.

COMPOSITION: Contains Methylene Chloride, toluene, and proprietary stain removal additives blended in an aromatic combination solvent mix.

COVERAGE: Approximately 12.5 to 25.0 square feet per quart, or 50-100 square feet per gallon depending on substrate porosity. It is recommended to always pretest LIGHTENING HD cleaner to determine effectiveness and actual coverage rates for large jobs.

LIMITATIONS: LIGHTENING HD is not recommended areas requiring solvent free or odorless applications. Refer to Concrete Earth’s GREEN- EZ ADHESIVE & COATING REMOVER for use in these conditions.

SHIPPING NAMES: UN 1993, Flammable Liquids, N.O.S. (Toluene & Dichloromethane), Flammable,3,PG III.

SHIPPING CLASS: ITEM 155250, SUB 2, LTL 65 – Cleaning and Stripping Compound.

AVAILABLE IN: 1 Quart (0.95L) (15/case), 1 Gallon (3.78L) (6/case), 5 Gallon (18.9L), and 55 Gallon (208L) containers


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